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The map below shows some accommodation options and recreational activites in the area. Click on each icon for details and directions. If you would like to camp, there is plenty of room at Riverstone. Drop us a line if you’re interested and we can make the arrangements.

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Featured Accommodations

Riverstone Retreat Centre

Riverstone Retreat CentreSleep where you eat! There are romantic and private camping sites along the river ($22-25/site) as well as a group site ($6/person) for all those ‘free love’ types. There are also shower and washroom facilities on site so that you can look, feel and smell your best (although we are partial to the morning-after-bonfire smell). There is also a watering hole if you desire a more refreshing wake-me-up. Contact us if you would like to reserve a site. We will be handling the bookings and payment to make things a little simpler for Ernie.

Traveller’s Inn, Hanover

Traveller's Inn244 7th Avenue
Hanover, Ontario
800 801 8398

This motel is about 10 minutes from the Retreat Centre. It appears to be a pretty decent place to lay your head. We have booked off 20 rooms under the Awad/Embrey wedding for August 7 and 8. You will need to provide the confirmation number: 316185. They are not willing to offer a group discount, but the prices are reasonable: $76-81 for a queen bed and $86-91 for two double beds.

Breathing Space B&B, Hanover

The Victorian Manor330 7th Ave
Hanover, Ontario
519 364 0086 listing

This B&B looks quite classy and elegant. It has one queen suite with a private bath and your own fancy sitting room for $119 per night. It also has air conditioning and wireless Internet access. I expect that this will be snatched up quickly, so don’t be tardy. It is about ten minutes from Riverstone.

Campbell Brae B&B, Priceville

493775 Baptist-Church Road
West Grey, Ontario
519 369 2909
Grey County Tourism listing

This house has two bedrooms available; a queen with ensuite for $75 and a double with ensuite for $65. I have not seen the place, but I did speak with the couple at length over the telephone and let me tell you, they sound like the sweetest couple…salt o’ the earth! They will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on August 6th, so it feels like good luck to have someone staying there. It is about 10 minutes from Riverstone.

ChriScott Farm B&B

ChriScott Farm402191 Highway 4
Hanover, Ontario
519 369 1505
416 726 3544 listing

This B&B is mere minutes from Riverstone. They only have one bedroom available so book soon while supplies last! The room is $99-129 per night and comes with a jacuzzi tub…ooh la la!

Varney Inn Motel, Varney

Varney InnRR 3, Varney, Ontario
519 369 9982
Yellow Pages listing

This motel is only about seven minutes from the retreat centre. We have booked off 15 rooms under the Awad/Embrey wedding for August 7 and 8. They cannot offer a group discount but their prices are dirt cheap (hopefully their rooms are not). One Queen Bed will set you back $62 and two doubles are only $72…including tax! Toto, we’re not in Toronto anymore.

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