We are pleased as punch that you’re attending our wedding and your presence is truly present enough! For those generous souls that insist on getting us a little something anyway, we have created an online registry at Wishpot .

Simply browse through and if you find a gift you would like to purchase, select the Buy It or Reserve Gift button. The buy button will direct you to an online store where you can view and purchase the item. The reserve button allows you to reserve the item and then purchase it in person. If you choose to purchase any of Chris Hierlihy’s beautiful pottery (see details below), we will be collecting the money on his behalf. The buy button will direct you to our Paypal shopping cart where you can purchase the item online. Alternatively, you can reserve gift and then send us your contribution in the mail or in person. Hopefully this is not too confusing! Please contact us if you have any questions at all!

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Featured Registry Locations

When choosing where to register, we tried to balance our goal to support local and environmentally-conscious retailers with our desire to make shopping fun and convenient for our guests. After some searching, we connected with some very inspiring and inspired business owners.

Chris Hierlihy Pottery, Guelph

Chris Hierlihy PotteryIn our hunt for tableware, it has been quite challenging to find a set that is not made in China. So instead, we have decided to commission our favourite Guelph potter. We already have two of his pieces, so it makes sense to continue the collection and we are very excited to support his work! He will create the set after guests have purchased each piece. This might mean a delay in seeing your purchase, but we will gladly have you over for dinner once it is complete! Chris has also offered to honour each person’s contribution by including their names on the platter, so we will be reminded of your generosity each time we use it!

The Cook’s Place, Toronto

The Cook's PlaceThis is a wonderful little kitchen store on the Danforth. Barbara, the owner, offers great customer service and is exceptionally knowledgeable. Although she does not have online shopping, you can place your order via email, phone, fax or in person. She will gift wrap each item and even hand-deliver it (within Toronto). The best part is that she will donate 10% of each registry purchase to a charity of our choice. What a great idea! We have chosen the Stephen Lewis Foundation .

Shop Eco, Windsor

Shop EcoOwner Anita Kaiser is passionate about Windsor’s green movement. She makes every attempt to find eco-friendly, fair-trade, and local products and is a strong advocate for the 100-mile-lifestyle. She also supports local art that utilizes reclaimed or recycled materials. She has an online store and offers free shipping for purchases over $150. We have reserved our towels, linens and duvet cover here. Check out her site and see if there is anything you might like for your home!

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